SAP SuccessFactors Succession Planning Software

Want to end the low retention rate of employees in your company? SAP SuccessFactors succession planning software can be the right solution for you.
Today, one of the core requirements of companies is to sustain their employees and to be known ahead of the competition. SAP SuccessFactors succession planning software is what that is helping the companies to encourage their employees of the next generation to get acquired with the skills to become the next leaders.
SAP SuccessFactors succession planning solution has been working in increasing employee retention, better performance and organisational growth with focusing on strategic succession management, easy yet powerful calibration, doing development planning and motivation factors for the employees.
The companies are in a need for shaping the present generation with the skills and capabilities that are needed by them to become the future leader for delivering better business results along with adding an outshining impact to the business outcome and to sharpen their creative thinking and decision making skills and potential.
SAP SuccessFactors succession planning solution are equipped with all the necessary features that you would want to analyse the present skill set of the employee and to find the desired set of skills for them to make their future brighter.

Key features of Successfactors Succession Planning Solution

Career & Dev. Planning

  • Development Goal Plan
  • Learning Integration
  • Performance Management Integration
  • Career Path
  • Career Worksheet
  • Development Reports

Succession Management

  • Succession Employee Attributes
  • Calibration
  • Position Tile View
  • Talent Search
  • Talent Pools
  • Succession Org Chart
  • Succession Plans
  • Succession Lineage Chart

Calibration for Succession

  • Visual Comparison of Employees
  • Comprehensive View
  • GUI-Driven Calibration
  • Calibration Dashboards
  • Calibration Setup & Admin

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