SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management Software

You need a well-established set of goals and a powerful performing strategy to stand out in the competition. The effective management of the goals and employee management have never been so easy. The introduction of SAP SuccessFactors performance management software has helped many organisations to develop strategies in goal and performance management.
The use of SAP SuccessFactors performance management software has been a great help to the organisations to be successful and accurate in performance assessments, keep a track of ongoing training sessions along with keeping an eye on the current performance and defined goals of the employees.
An organisation needs sharp and well-planned strategies for making the workforce understand the importance of specific goals for the organisation and themselves. SAP SuccessFactors performance management Solution can help you develop such strategies that motivate the team of professionals for serving with great performance.
SAP SuccessFactors performance management solution enables you to analyze the employee’s current performance, setting defined goals for them along with the company, making strategies that help in setting up the path to achieve success, transform business operations, defining long-term vision and agenda of the company and ensuring a work plan that focuses on delivering success over the competition.

Key features of SuccessFactors Performance Management Solution

Goals Management

  • Goals Categories
  • Align & Link
  • SMART Goal Wizard
  • Goals Library
  • Goal Alignment Spotlight
  • Dashboard & Spotlights

Performance Management

  • Writing Assistant & Coaching Advisor
  • Robust Workflows
  • Legal Scan
  • Email Integration
  • Analytics
  • Team Overview
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Team Rater (Stack Ranker)

Calibration for Performance

  • Visual Comparison of Employees
  • Comprehensive View
  • GUI-Driven Calibration

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