SAP Human Capital Management Services

Expert Consulting


We provide services of subject matter experts and application consultants across the entire range of HCM solutions.We provide client specific, stand-alone or integrated solutions to enhance your enterprise solution

Data Migration


Data migration can be the most time consuming process and yet it is also the most important.We offer consulting solutions for doing data migration or transfer not only from Non SAP systems to SAP but also from SAP to Non SAP systems taking the complete end-to-end process and system integration

Continuous Business Improvement

Change for the Better”, and this is what we do under Continuous Business Improvement process.Continuous improvement holds the key to operational excellence, and thus to high performance.

Annual Maintenance


Not just a traditional old-age AMC, It comes with many advantages which enable the organization to achieve better ROI.It’s an annual transformation from one level to another which brings skills, expertise and all this at competitive cost

Package Implementation


Fast track, template based implementation with built-in best practices.With this you can choose what you want, a Big-Bang approach or a One-Piece at a time approach whatever suits your organizational needs.

HCM Transformation


We help organizations in aligning their business processes, technology and organization structures in-line industry best practices and hence to their strategic goal.In the age of complex eco system, we provide best-in-class solutions to integrate your business processes and benchmark them with the Industry’s best processes in order to deliver higher value.

Why Choose US

You can trust our SAP consultancy track record, built on 10+ years of SAP know-how.You’ll discover a partner who knows SAP solutions inside out and understands your industry.We can fit your SAP solution exactly to your goals. From strategy to go-live, we make sure each stage is transparent.Then, if you grow or restructure, upgrade or migrate, your IT is always up to speed