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Why is Human Resource one of the most crucial functions in the organization?

There has always been a debate on the importance of the Human Resources or HR in the organization. There are many people in the organization who considers HR department not so important. They believe that HR people are enjoying the perks and salary of the organization without doing any fruitful task. These employees consider HR people as supporting staff and not the regular employees of the organization. For them, the HR staff holds no interest in the concerning matters of the company’s employees.

But, contradicting the viewpoints of such people, HR is an essential department in any organization. The HR staffs are employee oriented and deliver a productive environment for the employees. Let us have a look at the reasons that make the HR as one of the most crucial functions of the organization :

    Maintaining the Culture :In order to maintain a productive and engaging culture, having a dedicated HR department is a must. No company can make their working environment productive without the effective efforts of the HR team.
    Recruitment : Can any entrepreneur run a business without having the right team? Can any company establish themselves as a leading name in the market without the support of dedicated staff? From specifying the requirements specifically, recruiting the right talents to bring the right candidates on board, HR department forms the basic foundation for any company.
    Talent Management : HR is not only essential in recruiting the right candidates but is also essential for managing the talents perfectly and effectively for the betterment of the company. The various management areas that HR considers are as follow performance management, management of the employees, etc.
    Handles Employees Concern HR department is the first name that comes to the mind when we think of any employee related issues. Be it any salary related problem or issue that employee have regarding the company’s working environment, HR needs to take care of everything in the company.
    Extra Fun Activities : Imagine how boring the work place will turn if there will be no fun activities or events in the company. HR department takes into account all the work anniversaries, employee birthdays and some month end activities for lighting up the mood of the employees.
    Compensation Planning : HR not only takes care of the employee but serves as an essential functional department for the organization as well. It plans and develops the right compensation plan and strategies for setting the right compensations for the employees that also suits the company’s budget.
    Conflict Management : For an efficient and effective working of the company, it is very important that all the conflicts and internal issues get resolved quickly and this is where HR department steps in. HR department takes all the essential and required measures for resolving all the under-going issues of the employees or the company.
    Defining the roles and responsibilities: Since HR department is responsible for finding the right talents for the company, it is considered equally important for defining the right roles and responsibilities for the employee as according to the talents one has. It also focuses on defining the KRAs of the employees which are in the same direction as that of the organizational vision and goal.
    Skill Development Workshops : HR department also takes interest in arranging the right skill workshop for the employees when any employee is in need to learn any special skill for performing his/her duties.
    Conflict Management : HR is the core need that keeps the employees retained in the

There is not any specific employee retention strategy that is sufficient for generating the same and desired results for all type of organizations.

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