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What is SAP SuccessFactors ?

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) from SAP. It includes core HR modules such as payroll, global employee benefits, time off and record keeping; talent management modules such as employee performance management, compensation management, succession management, learning, recruiting, Onboarding, workforce planning, workforce analytics & enterprise collaboration platform JAM

What is the average implementation time ?

How it is different from other available products ?

The master-builder of human happiness one rejects, dislikes sed avoid packages and web page editors now use uncover.

What will be the minimum contract period ?

It has a minimum contract period of one (1) Year.

Can I start with a single function/module ?

Yes, you can start with the single module and integrate other modules available slowly to cover all the functions of HR. You can START ANYWHERE AND GO EVERYWHERE (SAGE).

Do I need to purchase Hardware/ servers etc ?

No, SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud based (SAAS) product, hence, there is no requirement of procuring any Hardware/ Servers etc. There is no IT cost involved and only requires a descent internet connection to run it in all the supported browsers.

Can it be integrated with my existing,

Yes, SAP SuccessFactors can be integrated with existing SAP ERP or PAYROLL engine by using standard APIs, connectors and Adaptors.

What will be the support I would be getting from Partner / SAP post implementation ?

Post Implementation you get 1 monh of support on production environment from Partner for all the implemented modules as per the agreement rest support from SAP will be there till the contract term expires as per the EULA-agreement.

What all cost is involved ?

There are two types of cost involved -
Yearly Subscription cost: This cost is based on per employee /per month with the associated module and payment terms are annually in advance plus taxes. This cost is a reoccurring based on contract period.
One Time Implementation Cost: This cost is being charged by the implementation partner and depends on the number of module that has been subscribed by the customer. Payment is milestone based on detailed project plan.

There is no AMC or any other hidden cost is being charged other than above mentioned costs.

Do we get any product upgrades / updates if yes then will it be for additional cost ?

Yes, SAP SuccessFactors provided four (4) upgrades in a year and pushed every quarter there is no extra cost on this. Everything is covered in the cost that is being signed for an entire contract term.

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