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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management Software

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If you want your employees to work with their entire caliber and giving their best performance to the Organization then you must focus on giving them the best of the Compensation. SAP SuccessFactors compensation management software ensures that you are on the right path to evaluate the right compensation for the employees. The compensation of the employees is an investment you make. To ensure it delivers you with the desired result you must plan the compensation effectively. SAP SuccessFactors compensation management software can help you in making the best and effective plan for deciding the deserved compensation of every employee.

You can merge compensation management with performance management and keep your employees engaged. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation management solution open many new doors in finding the right ways to getting the best performance from the employees along with keeping them motivated and engaged. SAP SuccessFactors compensation management solution can be effectively used in planning a compensation for every level of employees ranging from higher management to the executives working. Developing strategies that yield the correct compensation is an important decision to get better performance and the proper execution of the work plan. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Solution is the driving force to make the compensation over talent an amazing tool to engage employees.

Key features of SuccessFactors Compensation Management Solution

Base Pay & Incentives

  • Configurable Worksheets, Workflows, and Approval Rules
  • Compensation Modeling
  • Support for Multiple Compensation Components
  • Track Goals for Goal-Based Bonus Payout
  • Auto-Calculated Increases
  • Performance Management Integration

Calibration for Compensation

  • Visual Comparison of Employees
  • Comprehensive View
  • GUI-Driven Calibration
  • Calibration Dashboards
  • Calibration Setup and Administration

Spot Awards

  • A non-recurring, compensation event that is based on a specific contribution or performance

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Overview

SAP SuccessFcators Compensation enable managers to execute a pay-for-performance culture and improve budget accuracy . Easy to add and manage variable pay goals on the fly.

  • Workforce Diversity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee Retention
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