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Talking About Compensation: Easier Said Than Done

To drive workforce performance, pay decisions must be perceived as being fair and appropriate by employees. This requires that decisions be transparently and effectively communicated to employees. Learn how you can redesign compensation training to ensure these potentially difficult but necessary conversations between employees and managers are successful.

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Can You Pay People Without Rating Them?

The field of performance management is experiencing a transformation. But for compensation professionals, these changes can be concerning as they can directly impact processes used to allocate pay and rewards. Learn how companies are overcoming these challenges and are successfully managing compensation in this changing performance management climate.

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Once Is Not Enough - Infusing Continuous Rewards Into Your Compensation Strategy

Compensation should not be something that just happens once a year. Annual compensation methods are not bad, they are just not enough. Shifting to more frequent rewards tied to objective achievements can help drive positive employee behavior and engagement due to shorter line-of-sight. In this paper, we will discuss the key considerations for introducing more frequent rewards into your compensation strategy.

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Managing the Next Generation of Compensation Strategies

Compensation practices are starting to go through a major transformation. To survive major shifts in pay philosophy and practice, companies must be proactive in preparing for them. This may require significant adjustments in how companies plan for, monitor, and communicate compensation decisions in general. Here is a peek into four lessons learned so far.

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The Peloton Model of Social Performance Management

A discussion of how to manage employee performance taking into account how people’s actions affect and are influenced by the behaviors of their fellow team members, work groups and organizations

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What Do the Best Performance Management Processes Have in Common?

What do the best performance management processes have in common? Look at how leading companies are using effective approaches to drive organizational success.

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Curing the top 8 performance review headaches for managers

Annual performance reviews can have enormous benefits when done right. This eBook discusses the top manager headaches and the solutions that can ease the pain.

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Five ways-increase-efficiencies-performance-goals

Top 5 Ways to Create Efficiencies with SuccessFactors Performance & Goals for Small and Medium Size Businesses